Who we are and What we do.

Jagat Group is an organization engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of Herbal Sanitizer. Jagat Group was launched in India in 1988 Under the leadership of Mr. Jagat Kishore whose fondness towards Ayurveda sets him on the journey to discover about the herbal traditions of India. Today, the group is one of the leading manufacturers in India with a diversified presence across industries such as Tobacco, Hospitality, Hygiene and Personal Care etc. And ever since has been the gold standard of protection.

The group had began its journey with tobacco plant located at Varanasi and later ventured into hospitality in 2005 with four star hotels located in Varanasi and Goa.

In 2007, company started its consumer goods division with an ultra modern state of the art factory in Haridwar and soon became the leading producer of herbal hair oil under the brand name ‘Jagat Cool Hair Oil’.

Now in 2020, Jagat’s consumer goods division has taken a leap into Home & Personal Care segment with the launch of Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer, Home Disinfectant, Veggie wash, Toothpaste, Hair Oil and other personal care products.

Group’s diverse portfolio of products is designed to simplify the life of consumers by providing herbal care solutions for their Home & Personal care needs.

Why Jagat Group?

Just like the way a butterfly passes through different stages of transformation from being an egg into a larva into a pupa till it unfolds itself from the chrysalis into a butterfly, similarly, at Jagat Group we believe in an ever changing process of life and work that helps us to realise our true potential. Change is the only constant, and evolution is a must for sustainable growth and progress for all.

Ayurveda for all

Ayurveda ‘the science of life’ is a philosophical, humanistic and holistic medical science with its manifold specialised practices rooted in the Pre-Buddhist era.

Being life and health oriented rather than disease and treatment oriented, it represents and visualises the health of a human being as a balance between the body, mind and the spirit.


To empower people with the wisdom & knowledge of Ayurveda to help them lead healthier lives.


To develop high quality, scientifically validated Herbal Sanitizer, for a healthy lifestyle.